Customers Photos

This is where you can show off your modelling expertise. You can simply email me photos of your photos that you have taken of the products you have purchased and added to your layout or diorama, let me know what information you want me to add along with the pictures and they will be displayed in this page.

John Wright

This Platform cabinet was bought by customer John Wright along with a few other items from our stall at the Model Rail Crewe show recently.

John kindly submitted these photos and agreed to us displaying here.

I think you will agree that John did a fibne job in painting these and displayoing them on his layout.

Product Info.

Lineside Control Cabinet Platforms.

Available in single steps with the steps going up to the right or up to the left. Also a double version with steps front and back , being longer with more cabinets.

Product is available in OO, TT and N gauges.