Important announcment about International Shipping

We have tried to organise International shipping but this is currently beyond our scope. We have been able to ship internationally on our other platform eBay. However, if you do not already know, we list our products on eBay as normal but set it to allow Global Shipping. This allows the item to be purchased by anyone outside of the UK. WE sell the item and charge ONLY for the UK side of things, eBay charge you the rest, they handle the exportation, customs and shipping, the lot. Unfortunately when a parcel goes missing (even though it arrived at the UK Hub and has been succesfully shipped from the UK and arrived in the recipients country then goes missing, we, the seller still has to deal with the fallout. WE have to refund the buyer and deal with the complaint. Ebay just tell us we have to deal with it. As more and more parcels are alleged to have gone missing we lose too much money to sustain the service. To this we will be stopping out international sales on eBay. If you are an international customer and wish to purchase any items please contact us.

See us here at Model Rail Crewe 2024 Sunday 23rd June

See us at the Model Rail Crewe show on the 23rd June 2024 where we will have all of our usual goodies and also a live demonstration of the point motor jigs and unbeatable offers.

MTB Point Motor Jigs Now Available

We now produce a range of jigs for the MP1, MP4 and MP5 Point motors by MTB. No mistaking these in bright yellow, they have been designed to assist in easily and accurately fitting the point motors. Please Note: If you are using the MP10 motors then you can use any of the jigs designed for the Tortoise motors as these have the same fixing footprint.

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PL-10 Conversion plates

If you have some PL-10 solenoid point motors as well as your existing motors you can now use these conversion plate to easily and accurately install your point motor. Use the jig for your SEEP, Twistlock, DCC iP or Tortoise motor as usual and fit the conversion plates to the relevant holes. There are five in each pack and come with fixing screws.

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It's all about feedback.

Here at Scenic3D we pride ourselves in bringing you some of the best and affordable items to add to your layouts, dioramas and models. Without your feedback, good or bad we dont really know what you think of what we do. We do have emails thanking us for the products and we are very happy to receive them. However we like to share the feedback with everyone who visits our store. You can add a review of the product directly on the listing page of that item. The display of your feeback /review is a fully automatic process and all reviews are shown, good or bad.

As far as the emails that have been sent I will copy and paste them and add them to a page on this site .

A slight word of warning though, I will try and post all submitted emails which means if you are suggesting (Like an ebay customer did) the item is 'not as they expected' just check the listing details fully. In this case the customer wanted the 'Open all hours' set and expected the corner shop Metcalfe kit to be included! In this situation I have offered a full refund on return of the item.

We can all learn from our mistakes and at Scenic3D we are not imune from mistakes. Fortunately they are far and few between but we always put them right at our cost. Our customers satisfaction is our priority.

Please use the 'Write a review' link which is on all listings. Thanks and happy modelling from Scenic3D