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MTB Point Motor Jigs for MP1, MP4 & MP5 Point motors

MTB Point Motor Jigs for MP1, MP4 & MP5 Point motors

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A full range of point motor fitting jigs for the MTB range of point motors. These have been designed to match the mounting footprint for the MP-1, MP-4 and MP-5 motors. Please Note: The MP-10 uses the same footprint as the Tortoise motors so use the range assosiated with the Tortoise motors.

There are four types for OO Gauge, Universal for single straight and curved points. Two types for N gauge, Universal and the Peco scissor points. Two types for the TT gauge, the Universal for the TT Hornby points, these have a single hole in the tie bar. The TT Peco Universal has provisions for two positions as the tie bar has holes in either end, not the centre. Please make sure you order the correct type. There is also an O gauge Universal jig for O gauge points.

All Jigs for the MTB Point motors are 3D printed in yellow PLA
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