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PL-10 Conversion plates,5 pack

PL-10 Conversion plates,5 pack

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These conversion plates allow you to fit the PL-10 solenoids to them and use your existing point motor jig to mark out the position of the where the jig fits under the baseboard. If you have two types of motors then the jig you used for your SEEP,Twistlock, Tortoise or DCC iP jig as usual then use the correct conversion plate and line up the holes to accurately fit the PL-10 solenoid motor

There are two types, be sure to order the correct one. One is for either the SEEP or Twistlock conversion, the other is for the DCC iP or Tortoise Conversion. On both types there are marked holes which line up with your existing fixing positions.

Full Instructions are supplied in each pack. The pack has five conversion plates and mounting screws included.

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