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OO Gauge Hardware items garden tools OPEN ALL HOURS SET

OO Gauge Hardware items garden tools OPEN ALL HOURS SET

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"Your best collection yet Grenville"

This is the ORIGINAL set designed and printed by Scenic3D. This is NOT a COPY or SCAN. This is a FULL set of 45 pieces at a very reasonable price. The parts are supplied not painted and can be painted using acrylic paints to suit a real life scenario.

Our 'Open all hours' set has bee put together to add fun and originality to your diorama or layout. Based on the famous TV series of 'Open All Hours' this set puts together typical items found hanging and placed outside a corner shop. 

With no less than 45 pieces each pack comprises of:
3 Large wicker baskets,
3 Small wicker baskets,
3 Tin baths,
3 Galvanised bins,
3 Bin lids,
4 Buckets with handles,
3 Coal scuttles,
3 Watering cans,
5 Yard brooms,
5 Garden rakes,
5 Garden forks,
5 Garden spades.

All items are supplied in grey resin, unpainted and ready to paint to suit your requirements. 
The items are extremely fragile and are supplied attached to their supports for easy painting. use a set of modelling cutters to cut the supports the twist supports off the item.
We are trying our best to supply these in TT and N. Due to the very fine parts it is almost impossible to replicate the set in the smaller scales using the same design. We have come up with an idea to comine some of the parts as a fixed group so the parts can support each other but we just have to get it right before we release them. 
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