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OO Gauge road marking stencil set

OO Gauge road marking stencil set

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Pack containing two re-usable stencils. The stencil sheets can be used as is or cut up into managable sized parts. They include the stenciling for Disabled and standard parking (UK Spec), Hatched areas, Bus Stop areas, Pedestrian crossing zig zag lines, single and double solid white lines, dotted white lines and direction arrows. There is also wording 'BUS STOP', 'EXIT', 'BUSES ONLY' and 'TAXIS ONLY'.

We find the best way to use the stencils is to lightly dab a sponge applicator on the stencil lightly wet with paint in very thin light coats allowing drying time between coats. You must keep the stencil in place while doing this. This has the effect of a worn road marking, the more you apply the less faded the marking appears.

Always practice on scrap material first to get the hang of it.

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