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OO Gauge Turntable Surrounds, Two types

OO Gauge Turntable Surrounds, Two types

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Turntable Surround Kit. This kit comprises of six curved sections which is enough to construct the cobbled surround of a locomotive turntable. It is also supplied with eight track inserts. If your layout requires more than eight (has more than eight tracks leading onto the turntable we supply the inserts free of charge, please message us at the time of your order so we can ensure that the colour of the PLA filament matches that of the surround).

There are two variations of this surround. There is a plain cobblestone surround and there is a raised brick effect. The latter being prototypical of the earlier manual turntables where the engineers used their feet against the bricks to push the turntable around, much like the lock gates on a canal.

The surrounds are grey and can be painted and weathered to suit your layout.

As can be seen in the photos they are fitted to the Heljan Turntable. There is one photograph showing the same kit fitted to a PECO turntable, the curved sections fit neatly up to the raised lip on the inner edge of the turntable. The kit also fits a Hornby Turntable.
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