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OO Gauge yellow TMD style railings

OO Gauge yellow TMD style railings

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A yellow tubular steel style safeyty fencing suitable for TMD and yards on your layout and dioramas. There are ten pieces 32 scale feet long and five 16 scale feet long in each pack.

The railings can be made to easily bend to make them rise up slopes or turn corners. This can be achieved by gently heating the plastic with hot air (NOT A NAKED FLAME) and gently bending to the required position and holding until cooled down. Alternatley you can place on a non stick hot surface for a few seconds until softened enough to move to the desired position then allowed to cool. Care should be taken at all times when using a heat source.

The railings can be fixed into position using suoer glue and by using a suitable activator fixes into position almost immediately. A gel type glue works better than a runny glue.
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