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OO, TT and N Gauge War Memorials / Town Monuments

OO, TT and N Gauge War Memorials / Town Monuments

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War Memorials / Town Monuments have returned after many requests. 

There are two style in the range, Suffolk and Shirley. The Suffolk Memorial is based on a memorial found in Suffolk and the Shirley is based on a monument found in Shirley, Birmingham.

Included in the pack is an assortment of poppy wreaths. These are printed in green resin which you can further paint green and red or just the red for the poppies.

The Suffolk memorial also comes with a set of decals to depict the scripts on the flat faces of the monument. The Shirley has a detailed surface on the front face of the monument.

The monuments are supplied in grey resin and unpainted ready for you to paint and weather to suit your layout. Please Note, The photos do not show the TT gauge memorials but they are the same.
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